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Ziwi Peak Tripe & Lamb 390g Can Front View
  • Ziwi Peak Tripe & Lamb 390g Can Front View
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  • Tripe & Lamb Recipe in Kitchen Can Open

ZIWI Peak Wet Tripe & Lamb Recipe for Dogs

Available Sizes:
  • 13.75oz
Sold by the case. 12 cans per case.
In stock

A single-protein option for pets with protein allergies and sensitivities, containing higher levels of tripe, for increased palatability and digestive benefits. ZIWI Lamb is sourced only from local New Zealand farms; ensuring the animals are free-ranging, grass-fed and finished.

Our tripe is also kept in its most natural form possible and never scaled, steamed or bleached.

For the perfect finishing touch, we add kelp as a natural vitamin and mineral source, and New Zealand Green Mussel for natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

ZIWI Peak Moist Tripe & Lamb may help promote:

  • Better appetite for picky dogs
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased food allergy sensitivities
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Joint health and mobility



    Lamb Tripe, Water Sufficient for Processing, Lamb, Lamb Lung, Chickpeas, Lamb Liver, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney, New Zealand Green Mussel, Lamb Bone, Lecithin, Minerals (Dipotassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Selenium Yeast, Manganese Amino Acid Complex), Dried Kelp, Salt, Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin B5 Supplement, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid).

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein
    min. 9%
    Crude Fat
    min. 4%
    Crude Fibre
    max. 2%
    max. 78%
    max. 3%
    Taurine (As Received, Typical Analysis)
    Chondroitin Sulfate (min)
    Calorie Content (calculated)
    1150 kcal ME/kg | 449 kcal ME/can

    ZIWI Peak Tripe & Lamb Recipe meets the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages including growth of large size dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult)

    What's Included:
    • High-quality protein
    • Glucosamine
    • Chrondrotin
    • ​Vitamins A, D & E
    • Omega 3 
    • Omega 6
    • Fatty acids
    • Probiotics​
    • Amino acids
    • Calcium
    • Vitamins & minerals
    • Non grain-based carbohydrates
    What's not included:
    • No sodium tripolyphosphate
    • No propylene glycol
    • No ethoxyquin
    • No glycerins or gelatins
    • No carrageenan
    • No BPA food lining 
    • No grains, corn, wheat, rice or soy
    • No rendered meats or meals
    • No potatoes or sweet potatoes
    • No sugars
    • No artificial flavours or colours
    • No antibiotics 
    • No added hormones or growth promotants
    Transition your dog:
    New Users: Sudden changes in diet, including overfeeding, can sometimes result in digestive issues. Always introduce any new food by slowly mixing with your current diet for the first 6-8 days, increasing the amount of ZIWI Peak while decreasing the amount of the other brand. Click here for our step-by-step transition guide.
    Fast fact:

    We use no rendered meat, bone or fish meals in any of our recipes. This process strips the nutritional benefits from ingredients

    What our customers are saying...

    Double Happy on ZiwiPeak
    From Elaine Abend

    My girls Roxy & Fannie don't eat ZIWI Peak - they 'INHALE' it. Never have I seen them take to any food like they've taken to yours. 

    Banditt ranks ZiwiPeak Number One!
    From Clara Marchbanks in USA

    We have an older Pomeranian and he is a picky eater... but we started feeding him your can dog food and he eats so good...licks the bowl and looks for more. Thank you so much for such an awesome product. 

    Thank you for this great nutrition and my dog’s health!
    From John H

    I have 3 rescue dogs and 2 of them are a large breed. The third is a Jack Russell and ALL of them LOVE ZIWI Peak. This is one of the BEST foods I can give my fur-kids. Thank you for this great nutrition and my dog’s health.  

    From Peter in USA

    I have a 2 year old Siberian husky who is the pickiest dog in the world. EVERY food I gave him he would pretty much eat enough to stay alive, he was really skinny and he just looked horrible. 

    I then came across ZIWI Peak and he absolutely loves it! He's gained about 20 pounds coming from skin and bone and he just looks so healthy - great food !

    What I love the most about ZiwiPeak
    From Jessica in USA

    What I love most about ZIWI Peak is what it has done for my dogs. My pack is made up of 4 rescue dogs and they all started on ZIWI Peak from the moment they entered my home. The transformation of their skin, coat, digestion, and overall health was amazing in such a short time. ZIWI Peak also helps them stay healthy and caters to the very diverse range of needs and tastes in my home. It also makes meal times super easy for my husband and I - my pack goes especially crazy for the cans of wet food and never leave a single morsel behind, even if it's a meal of just dry food. The top quality ingredients, high percentage of meat, as well as vitamins and minerals come together in a perfect combination. I am so thankful for ZIWI Peak - my dogs will never eat anything else!

    Thank you ZiwiPeak
    From Theresa in USA

    My chihuahua amberleah lou lou was so sick. I took her to vets all over the state of michigan even the University. No one could figure out what wrong with her. They all wanted me just put her down. But friend sent me ziwipeak to try on her. 5 years later she so healthy all her fur came back in she looks amazing . Thank you ziwipeak.

    Most nutritional pet food on the market
    From Andrew in USA

    ZIWI Peak by far is one the most nutritional pet foods on the market with well thought out ingredients and NOTHING that the animal doesn't need. No outsourced meats and tons of glucosamine and chondroitin. I completely stand by the company and their food!

    From Mellissa in Australia

    I have had my fussy little chi chi for nearly a year now been through every brand of dry dog food possible! She hated them all, at my wits end - THEN I tried ZIWI Peak and she loves it!! I am one happy customer! 100% brilliant, I will be recommending this food to everybody!

    Only the best for my girls!
    From Shayla R. in U.S.A.

    I just wanted to compliment your product line. I have three Chinese Crested Hairless that absolutely adore your food. I try to feed them the best, and after extensive research I came across your brand. Being Hairless my girls are very sensitive to skin issues (acne/blackheads) all of which have greatly diminished since switching to your brand. My oldest girl a cancer survivor was recently diagnosed with heart disease at 11 years of age. I want to give her the best quality of everything, and hopefully extend her life. I am very thankful for your brand, and line of products! Thank you!

    British Bulldog Lulu is bouncing off the walls with energy!
    From Shane Fazl

    I have recently switched to the ZIWI Peak beef air-dried food for my female British Bulldog, Lulu, who is about to turn 2 years old. I have since noticed Lulu has a lot more energy and isn't sleeping during the day as much as she was on her previous food. She appears in great health, she loves her new food, she cant get enough!

    Air Dried Scoop and Serve
    Free-Range Farming
    Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
    No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
    Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants
    Air Dried Scoop and Serve
    Free-Range Farming
    Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
    No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
    Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants