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Scoop Science

Scoop Science

One scoop (57g or 2oz) of our Ziwi Peak air-dried recipe provides a minimum of 263kcal. The same serving of premium kibble provides 195kcal (25% less). The same serving of hydrated premium freeze dried provides 99kcal (63% less).

Ziwi Peak 57g or 2oz
263 KCAL
Premium Kibble 57g or 2oz
195 KCAL
25% less than Ziwi Peak
Hydrated Premium Freeze-Dried 57g or 2oz
63% less than Ziwi Peak

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Feeding Calculator

Sample Guidelines*
Energy required: 468 kCal
Amount fed per day: 82 g
Scoops per day: 1.44
* Feeding Calculator is a guide only. For further information refer to the statement at the top of the Feeding Calculator page.
Our air-dried products have a high number of servings per pack offering real value in each bag of Ziwi Peak.
The gentle twin stage air-drying process we use creates a food high in protein and kilocalories, meaning that you feed less each day compared to raw and kibble.
As Ziwi Peak is 95% digestible you feed less, meaning there is less backyard or litter box clean up.
Our Ziwi Peak recipe has a high level of slow release metabolised energy, meaning your dog or cat will feel fuller and content for longer.
Ziwi Peak's scoop and serve convenience of feeding straight from the bag makes it easy to add as a topper, an instant training treat or as a complete diet when away on vacation.
Ziwi Peak is less expensive to feed than raw, freeze dried or dehydrated food on a daily basis.
Our air-dried products are more convenient to feed than raw, freeze-dried or dehydrated food with no need to thaw or add water.
100% Sourced From New Zealand Ethical Farming
Air-Dried For Superior Nutrition
Free Range, Grass Fed Farming
No Grains, Sugars or Glycerins
No Antibiotics Or Growth Promotants