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Pet Health

Pet Health

Indoor Activity Ideas To Keep Your Dog Busy - primary image

Indoor Activity Ideas To Keep Your Dog Busy

It’s relatively easy to keep dogs active and entertained when the weather’s nice - but what if it’s raining cats and dogs outside? Here are a few staff-tested activities that can stimulate your dog’s mind and burn off some of that excess energy when a long walk just isn’t an option: 1. Search and sniff Hide treats like Ziwi Good Dog Rewards around your home to set your dog off on a tail wagging adventure. Your dog will put his nose to work to find the hidden treasures. You can determine how easy or difficult you...
Kelp: Boost your dog, naturally! - primary image

Kelp: Boost your dog, naturally!

We include kelp in all of our Ziwi Peak recipes. Kelp is a great source of bio-available nutrients including iodine and minerals, which not only help maintain a healthy metabolism but when used as a supplement can also help to eliminate fleas naturally and reduce skin itchiness.
Managing IBD in cats and dogs - primary image

Managing IBD in cats and dogs

While there is no one single cause known for IBD, management can be made easier through an appropriate diet. Find out more about how you can manage IBD.
Keeping your dog cool in summer - primary image

Keeping your dog cool in summer

Worried about your dog overheating as the days get hotter? We've got our top tips to help keep your dog cool.
Parsley - Superfood for Dogs - primary image

Parsley - Superfood for Dogs

Parsley - Superfood for Dogs 5/23/2018 - By Ziwi From their ancestral hunting and scavenging days, to their present-day place as human companions, dogs have a need for diets high in natural meat and organs – the foundations of nutrition for carnivores. However, like all mammals, dogs also have a need for vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can’t be provided by meat alone. At Ziwi, we complete the nutritional profile of our high-meat inclusion recipes by adding selected “Super Foods,” including curly parsley. Parsley is widely considered within holistic pet nutrition circles to be a “super-herb.” Parsley...
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