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Benefits of Grass-Fed Meats - primary image

Benefits of Grass-Fed Meats

2.23.18 - Nutrition: Benefits of Grass-Fed Meats Posted by Ziwi Pets Here’s a brief look at some of the reasons behind Ziwi’s commitment to source grass-fed and finished meats from local New Zealand farms for our recipes: In many parts of the world, animals are raised in crowded feedlots, on grain-based commercial feeds, and are given hormones and low doses of antibiotics to speed weight gain. New Zealand’s temperate climate allows livestock to graze outdoors in grass pastures, all year long. Raising livestock this way is more expensive and takes longer, but the meat produced from grass-fed and...
10 Common Household Pet Toxins - primary image

10 Common Household Pet Toxins

10 Common Household Pet Toxins 3/1/2018 Written by Samantha Randall, Editor-in-Chief - Top Dog Tips It’s a well-known fact that pets, dogs especially, will eat almost anything. Unfortunately, many common household substances that you normally wouldn’t even give a second thought can be seriously harmful for animals. Since I’ve been rescuing dogs and cats for years, I’ve had to take a close look at some of the things that pose danger to my furry family members, and pet proof my home. Here are some of the most dangerous household toxins that you need to consider and keep away...
The Forgotten Superfood: Entrails! (aka Organs) - primary image

The Forgotten Superfood: Entrails! (aka Organs)

2/7/2018 - The Forgotten Superfood: Entrails! (aka Organs) by Dr. Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA Natural and Cultural History Dogs and cats have a lot in common with wolves and cougars. However, they are not the same and their sharing of physiology is often the subject of great debate, but with that aside, all are carnivores and nature has intended that all consume some organs. Offal also called pluck or organ meats refer to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal. In America, this terminology and meal idea has become particularly foreign, but for the sake of...
Training Tip #5 - How to Teach "Sit" & "Down" - primary image

Training Tip #5 - How to Teach "Sit" & "Down"

1/30/2018 - Written by Certified Professional Trainer and Guest Blogger, Nicole Ellis CPDT-KA Week 5 Training Tip - How to Teach "Sit" & "Down" Sit and down are some of the first things I teach every dog. The sit is one of my fundamental behaviors as it’s a building block used in teaching so many other behaviors and tricks later on and is a perfect behavior when out in public. My dogs also know ‘sit’ gets them all the treats, so instead of begging and jumping up for dinner, sit is the preferred behavior in our house. If my dogs...
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