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Unleashing an Improved Recipe & Fresh New Look

Improved Recipe

Born of love. Crafted for goodness. Made in New Zealand. We are a small team whose love for our dogs & cats is pure and simple, just like our recipes. We put the best of New Zealand into our authentic farm-to-bowl products so you and your pet can share a lifetime of adventures together.

At Ziwi, we’re inspired by what our pets know: Simple is good, and taste is everything. So we challenged ourselves to make our recipes even simpler; yet still Complete and Balance, and even tastier; by using more natural ingredient options.  

Our new ingredient list is shorter than most, but we don’t think you will miss a thing. Take a look and compare it to other brands. You’ll notice a real difference and we’re sure your pet will too.

Air-Dried Recipe Improvements

98% Meat/Fish, Organs, Bone and New Zealand Green Mussel (Previously only 95.8%)
Ingredient list is dramatically reduced from 15 vitamins and minerals to just 9 for dog and 9 for cat, further supporting a limited ingredient diet.
Natural New Zealand sea salt added to meet AAFCO nutritional minimums.
A complete & balanced diet.
Same great palatability & taste.
Formula modifications are minor; therefore, there is no need to slowly transition from old to new and improved recipes.

Canned Recipe Improvements

Dog recipe: 92% Meat/Fish, Organs, Bone & New Zealand Green Mussel (on a dry matter basis).
Cat recipe: 93% Meat/Fish, Organs, Bone & New Zealand Green Mussel (on a dry matter basis).
Our improved can recipe has both Agar and TSPP removed.
Inclusion of Chickpea to provide a natural binder for the high meat content ingredients.
Still a complete & balanced diet with the same great palatability & taste.
No need to slowly transition from old to new improved recipes.

2 New Recipes

Blue Mackerel & Lamb - Dog & Cat

Wild Caught Blue Mackerel. High in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Available in both Air-Dried & Canned for dog & cat.

Tripe & Lamb - Dog Only

A great option for picky eaters or for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Available in both Air-Dried & Canned for dogs.

New Look

We wanted our new look to reflect the things that we hold most dear; our pets, our New Zealand home place, our small batch air-dried process, the things that we put into our food and the things we don’t. We also thought these changes deserved a new name. That’s why we are now called Ziwi and the Peak range is the pinnacle of our food. We would love to hear what you think of our new recipes and new look. So please drop us a line at

Air Dried


100% Sourced From New Zealand Ethical Farming
Air-Dried For Superior Nutrition
Free Range, Grass Fed Farming
No Grains, Sugars or Glycerins
No Antibiotics Or Growth Promotants