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Jingle Bells Loves ZiwiPeak!
From Christopher in United States
Jingle Bells Loves ZiwiPeak!

Our super sweet poodle Jingle Bells is ten years old and has serious joint issues that keep him from jumping and running,we read testimonials on your site that really got us interested in your food so we started feeding him both of your wet and dry food to see if he improved. Jingle Bells has been eating your food for about two months and he has been jumping on the couch along with running around the house like never before, we are so grateful for your amazing food and we are a huge advocate here in Fort Worth,Texas promoting the true benefits! Thank you so much for helping our sweet boy get the freedom he needs!

ZiwiPeak not only smells good but looks good
From Carole in Australia

Of late, my cat "Aphie" has developed a worrying digestive problem which appears to have been caused by an undesirable consistency change in her usual well known commercial food product which I have been purchasing for some years.  After trying numerous other brands on the market the situation was not improving.  Fortunately, my local pet store suggested Ziwi Peak as a brand replacement product. To my great relief, after only one week of being offered cans of Ziwi Peak beef, which is "Aphie's" preferred flavour type, her digestive system has regained normality.  I would also comment that she is no longer continually hungry and begging for food throughout the day.  I would like to add, Ziwi Peak not only smells good but looks good and, with current results achieved, is obviously a healthy alternative to most other commercial brands of cat food on the market which now appear to contain inappropriate fillers for feline consumption. My cat "Aphie" thinks so too.

My Cotons de Tulear love this food!
From Justine in USA

I am very impressed with this dog food. I have tried to give my dogs every high quality food brand available but this dry kibble they will even eat as a treat. Thank you for making a superior quality dog food.

From Mellissa in Australia

I have had my fussy little chi chi for nearly a year now been through every brand of dry dog food possible! She hated them all, at my wits end - THEN I tried Ziwi Peak and she loves it!! I am one happy customer! 100% brilliant, I will be recommending this food to everybody!

My fussy dog
From Hyun in USA

My dog (happy) is so fussy.. She never like the dried foods... Untill we found this ... THANKS KIWIS!

I give it 10 stars!
From Veronique in USA

My mini poodle used to have seizures until she started eating ziwipeak. I also use the ziwipeak as training treats. I give a10 *

My dogs love your air-dried food
From Kat in USA

My dogs love your air dried food. I like to give it to them when we are travelling. I also like using it as treats because they are a complete food, so I feel less guilty giving them more. 

Most nutritional pet food on the market
From Andrew in USA

Ziwi Peak by far is one the most nutritional pet foods on the market with well thought out ingredients and NOTHING that the animal doesn't need. No outsourced meats and tons of glucosamine and chondroitin. I completely stand by the company and their food!

Our two kittens love Rabbit & Lamb
From Fahim in USA

Our two kittens love Ziwi Peak Rabbit & Lamb canned. It's the only food they consistently eat and finish. We like that it's made of great ingredients and all meat. Thanks for making a great product!

Mitzie LOVES the Beef
From Lindsay in USA

Mt dog Mitzie LOVES The beef Ziwi Peak and I love how clean it is!! The fact that it's all protien and no fillers makes me happy when I feed it to my baby. Ziwi Peak has also worked wonders for her! She's a 10 y/o diabetic miniature pinscher and Ziwi Peak has made her gain weight (her diabetes made her drop to 4 pounds YIKES!) her coat is so soft and glossy, and she has so much energy! She runs laps around my couch!! Ziwi Peak is such an amazing food and the customer service amazing. I had all my questions answered very professionally and I felt like family instead of a consumer! Wish I could rate more than 5 stars!! 10 stars!!

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