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Frequently Asked Questions about Ingredients

Dogs and cats require a diet rich in meat ─ our foods are perfectly designed to match their biological needs and feature high inclusions of meat, organs and bones. 

Our previous ZIWI Peak air-dried packages featured 98% meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels, and our wet food featured 92% meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels (93% for cats). While high meat inclusions are important, an optimal balance of nutrients is essential too.   

Although our foods have sufficient levels of both omega 6 and 3, to achieve optimal balance, we’ve added lecithin, a source of omega 6. As a result, the overall meat inclusions in our air-dried packages have been reduced to 96%, and our wet food is now 91% for dogs, and 92% for cats.

While your pet likely won’t notice the small change, our foods are designed to ensure peak conditioning; so you and your pet can continue to enjoy life’s adventures together!

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your pet's intestinal tract. They ferment specific food types into amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. Probiotics help aid digestion and prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing in the intestinal tract. Prebiotics, such as inulin, act as a food for the probiotics. 

The New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (GLM) is exclusive to New Zealand and is a rich natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycogens, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which nutritionally support long-term joint health, as well as promoting a healthy skin and coat. All Ziwi Peak recipes contain at a minimum of 3% GLM, farmed using ecologically-sustainable practices.

Green tripe is an important part of cats’ and dogs’ ancestral wild prey diet. It comes from the stomach of grazing animals, such as deer, sheep and cattle. Green tripe is a natural source of probiotics and enzymes that are beneficial for gut health, proper digestion and dental hygiene. Because green tripe is extremely palatable, easily digested and gentle on the digestive tract, it is great for picky eaters or for pets with sensitive stomachs, IBD and IBS. Our green tripe is NEVER bleached or scalded, just gently cold-washed, to retain its full nutritional value. 

Chelated minerals are minerals which are bonded to amino acids. They are more easily absorbed during digestion than non-chelated minerals, which often get passed in the stool. Ziwi Peak uses chelated minerals because better nutrient absorption supports better health for your pets.

Ash is the inorganic mineral portion of any substance. When referring to dog and cat food, “ash content” is the mineral matter, including magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and copper. 

Ziwi is committed to the health and well-being of pets, and continually strives to produce premium foods that provide the best and most natural nutrition possible.


Over the past several years, we have received numerous requests from consumers to remove tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSPP) and agar agar (binding/gelling agents) from our canned recipes. As an innovative leader that values consumer feedback, we actively began searching for healthier alternatives to these ingredients. Part of the research involved feeding trials, which determined that most pets prefer canned foods with loaf-like texture. To achieve this consistency in canned foods containing large amounts of meat, some type of binder is required.


After evaluating many different binding ingredients, our extensive research indicated that the healthiest solution was using a small amount of chickpea. Chickpea has natural binding properties, is high in protein and provides digestive benefits for both dogs and cats. The inclusion of chickpea has only increased the carbohydrate content by an average of 1.8% on an as-fed basis, and only half of the total carb content is from chickpea. The balance of the carbohydrate was already existing in our recipes and provided by our meats and kelp.


Dogs and Cats thrive on a high-meat diet, so we have also increased the overall meat content in our cans. Ziwi Peak canned recipes now contain a minimum 92% meat, organs, bone, and New Zealand Green Mussel (on DM basis).  The net result of these changes is an improved and even HEALTHIER formula, which we’re sure your pet will love!

Chicory inulin, a prebiotic, helps maintains digestion, supports immune functions and promotes better nutrient absorption.

Kelp (also known as rockweed or Ascophyllum Nodosum) contains high levels of magnesium, protein, vitamin A, iodine, bromine, and phosphorous. Ziwi Peak air-dried recipes contain .5% kelp as natural source of these essential nutrients. 

In order to ensure our recipes are complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds, we include a small amount of carefully selected vitamins and minerals sourced from reputable and traceable suppliers in New Zealand, Europe, Japan and the USA. 

Ziwi’s meats and seafood are exclusively sourced from clean, green New Zealand pastures and pristine New Zealand oceans. All of Ziwi’s meats are free of GMOs, antibiotics, growth promotants and added hormones.  

Ziwi Peak cans have BPA-free food lining, ensuring that the contents are as safe and natural as possible.

Ziwi Peak does not and will not source any of our ingredients from China. 

Ziwi Peak recipes contain calcium in the appropriate amounts recommended for dogs and cats. Our calcium content includes finely ground natural bone, as well as chelated mineral calcium. 

Fat in Ziwi Peak is the same as what naturally occurs in the meat of the source species. The percentage may look high because of the low moisture in air-dried Ziwi Peak. But on an as-fed basis our veterinary experts advise that the levels are the best for cats and dogs, just as they would consume naturally in the wild.  For the detailed analysis of the fat content of each recipe please refer to our analysis in each of the product sections.

Ziwi Peak ‘Good-Dog’ Deer Antlers are a 100% natural, mineral-rich, long- lasting dog chew. Deer antler is basically bone material, naturally shed by the deer. Mineral analysis shows high levels of calcium and phosphorus and trace levels of iron, zinc and sodium. Deer antlers are slowly ground down by chewing, providing a dog with enjoyment at the same time as helping to keep teeth and gums healthy. Because they’re natural they are easy on the digestive system, rarely causing tummy trauma. Our deer antlers are not available for sale in North America.

Ziwi Peak recipes do not include carrageenan.

Yes, on average 3% finely ground bone is included in each recipe. 

Dogs and cats are carnivores and naturally thrive on a high meat and organ content diet, not on low cost fillers such as rice, pea protein, grain, maize, corn, beet pulp, potatoes, carrots and meat meal.  

Ziwi Peak food contains none of these carbohydrate and plant based fillers.  Our recipes are carefully crafted to mirror the whole-prey, nutrient dense, high meat content diet that dogs & cats require for optimum health.

Many allergies, skin conditions, overweight pets and many other health issues are food related and result from eating foods full of highly processed carbohydrate based fillers.  They are not natural foods to the dogs and cats. 

We are proud to have over 95% fresh meat, organs, seafood and bone in all of our food products.

The 5% non-meat ingredients that we also include such as kelp, parsley, chicory, lecithin, and undigested grasses from the green tripe aren’t grain based carbohydrates and add many valuable nutrients.  We don’t add any sugars or glycerines and our food has a digestibility rating of over 95%.

Our first seven ingredients, which constitute over 95% of the total product, are fresh meat, organs, bone and seafood. We invite you to compare our ingredient list to any other brand. 

Taurine is a type of amino acid, and has been found to play an essential role in the diet of cats. 


Since we launched our revised and improved canned recipes, we’ve received some enquires about why Taurine is no longer listed as an ingredient. Please be assured that all Ziwi recipes continue to meet AAFCO’s requirements for all nutrients, including Taurine.


Where does natural Taurine come from?

Foods that are rich in natural Taurine include fish, shellfish, muscle meat, and organs, especially heart and liver, as well as dairy products and eggs. On a dry matter basis, Ziwi’s canned cat recipes contain 93% meat, organs, bone, fish, and New Zealand green-lipped mussel. Due to the large quantities of meat, organs, and seafood in our canned cat recipes, adding supplemental Taurine is not necessary.


How do you know there is enough Taurine in your recipes?

During the recipe reformulation process, Ziwi’s recipes were thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory to determine which nutrients would need supplementation. The test results confirmed that all of our canned cat recipes contained more than double the Taurine required to meet AAFCO’s minimums for a complete and balanced daily food for cats. After the required supplements were added, the recipes were re-tested. Once again, the naturally occurring Taurine levels were shown to be comfortably above AAFCO’s requirements.


Why don’t you list Taurine in our ingredients? 

Products must list, in order by weight, each individual ingredient contained in in the recipe. Because the Taurine in our recipes is naturally provided by meat and seafood, and not an added stand-alone supplement , it cannot be listed as an ingredient. Other nutrients provided by meat that aren’t included in the ingredient list include vitamin A, chromium, and selenium.

Detailed nutritional analysis is available on our website, by clicking on the product and downloading the Typical Analysis PDF from the link below “Ration Guide”.

In order to ensure optimum freshness we use natural preservatives such as rosemary without the need for low quality preservatives such as sugars or glycerines. Ziwi Peak air-dried food has a shelf life of 21 months from manufacture provided it’s unopened. Once opened it should be used within eight weeks.

We, as people, tend to be wary of fat (certainly too much fat), but it’s a vital and essential source of energy for your dog and cat. It also supplies essential fatty acids which play important roles in metabolism, cell membranes and skin permeability in pets.. Without fat, they lack energy and don’t burn calories. The perfect daily diet for dogs and cats is rich in proteins and fats sourced from raw meat and organs balanced with vitamins and minerals. It must be low in carbohydrates as they’re not easily digested. It’s how Ziwi Peak is made!

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