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Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Ziwi products are sourced and manufactured in New Zealand; and exported to over 19 countries. Because of our robust offering around the world, it is imperative that we exceed all international quality standards. Organizations who have certified our products include, but aren’t limited to, the following: New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries, AAFCO, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European Union, Japan, and Australia.

Because of our love and compassion for pets, we would never be involved or affiliated with anyone that engages in inhumane treatment of animals. All Ziwi feeding trials or research programs involving animals are conducted using in-home testing protocols, often recruiting the voluntary services of our employee’s pets, as well as the pets of our loyal customers. Ziwi does not, never has, and never will undertake any form of caged or invasive animal testing or feeding.

Our products are manufactured to the highest international quality benchmarks in a controlled, sophisticated plant. All Ziwi products meet or exceed the stringent New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries and AAFCO-approved standards.

Haiji Pet Trade is the only official Ziwi distribution partner in mainland China and  www.epet.com is the only authorized Online Retailer for you to buy Ziwi products from.


We strongly recommend that you only buy Ziwi Peak products from these authorized channels as they will provide the after-sales service for products bearing our anti-counterfeit label.



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