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Dogs and cats require a diet rich in meat ─ our foods are perfectly designed to match their biological needs and feature high inclusions of meat, organs and bones. 

Our previous ZIWI Peak air-dried packages featured 98% meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels, and our wet food featured 92% meat, organs and New Zealand green mussels (93% for cats). While high meat inclusions are important, an optimal balance of nutrients is essential too.   

Although our foods have sufficient levels of both omega 6 and 3, to achieve optimal balance, we’ve added lecithin, a source of omega 6. As a result, the overall meat inclusions in our air-dried packages have been reduced to 96%, and our wet food is now 91% for dogs, and 92% for cats.

While your pet likely won’t notice the small change, our foods are designed to ensure peak conditioning; so you and your pet can continue to enjoy life’s adventures together!

Ziwi Peak foods are complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds. We do not recommend adding supplements to your pet’s diet unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

We recommend feeding your pet twice daily. We suggest talking with your veterinarian to determine the best feeding schedule for your pet.

You may notice that the colour or texture has variations from one bag to the next. This occurs because Ziwi Peak uses 100% natural meat and organs, and we don’t use artificial fillers, dyes, colours or preservatives. The colour and texture of our air-dried food is largely determined by the meat used in each batch, and will vary, depending on the animal’s age, the season and other natural factors. The time required in our air-drying process also varies, depending on the meats in each batch and can result in differences in colour and texture. The ingredients and nutritional value in every batch of Ziwi Peak air-dried remains the same, regardless of the colour or texture of the individual bag. 

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in your pet's intestinal tract. They ferment specific food types into amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids. Probiotics help aid digestion and prevent harmful bacteria from colonizing in the intestinal tract. Prebiotics, such as inulin, act as a food for the probiotics. 

Ziwi Peak’s canned and air-dried recipes contain the same ingredients; however our canned recipes have higher moisture content, typically 77.5%, compared to 13% in our air-dried recipes. 

All canned foods, both human and pet, must be sealed and heated, according to international regulations, in order to preserve and stabilize the contents. Our carefully blended recipes are placed into the can raw and heated at the minimum temperature and time required to meet those regulations.

The New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (GLM) is exclusive to New Zealand and is a rich natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, glycogens, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which nutritionally support long-term joint health, as well as promoting a healthy skin and coat. All Ziwi Peak recipes contain at a minimum of 3% GLM, farmed using ecologically-sustainable practices.

We recommend you transition between flavours over a few days, however if your pet has a sensitive stomach we suggest you transition more slowly over a week. Please refer to our transition guide.

Transitioning guide for dogs
Transitioning guide for cats

There are differing opinions on the topic of rotating proteins. If you decide that it is the best option for your pet, we recommend a gradual transition between proteins, to minimize the potential for digestive upset. Please refer to our transition guide.

Transitioning guide for dogs
Transitioning guide for cats

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