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Pet Health

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Health

High level of carbohydrates in pet food can make diabetes difficult to manage. Many pet parents have told us that their diabetic pets are thriving on Ziwi Peak, due to our low carbohydrate levels. We recommend that you talk with your veterinarian to determine if Ziwi Peak is appropriate for your pet.

All Ziwi Peak products include 3% New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, a natural source of omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. These ingredients help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy, and may result in a shinier, softer coat and decreased shedding. 

One reason dogs and cats have large, smelly stools, and excess gas is because they are fed a diet high in processed ingredients such as grains, potatoes, rice, beet, cereal, sugars, salts, glycerines, and other fillers. Many of these ingredients are not properly digested or metabolized by your pet, and pass through, undigested. The fermentation of these foods in your pet’s digestive track produces smelly gas.

As Ziwi Peak doesn’t include any low-cost fillers in our recipes your pet should show an improvement in reduced stool volume and stool smell and excess flatulence (gas). In addition, Ziwi Peak recipes are rated as 95% digestible through Massey University ensuring the food is being properly digested and absorbed by your pet’s body. 

No, it is a myth the crunching a dry food with fillers and carbohydrates can in fact clean your pets teeth. In fact, most dogs and cats don’t consistently chew their dry food; they swallow it whole. In the occasion that dogs and cats chew their food, there is still little to no benefit for the removal of tarter or plaque.

The best method of having improved dental hygiene is to stop feeding your pet’s diets that are high in carbohydrates, fillers sugar, and salts which cause plaque and tarter build up.

Dogs and cats are designed to eat meat.  Diets which are high in grains and starches alkalize urine, and dry foods result in concentrated urine, especially in cats. Concentrated, alkaline urine is more likely to lead to the formation of crystals and stones (struvites). Feeding a moisture-rich, species-appropriate, low-carbohydrate diet is thought to decrease the likelihood of struvite formation.

Ziwi Peak’s moisture-rich canned recipes contain over 95% natural meat, organs, and bone, plus all the nutrients your pet needs for optimum health, without the addition of grains and starches that can contribute to the development of struvite crystals.

Ziwi Peak recipes are all limited ingredient diets and are high in essential meat & meat proteins.  They are grain free, soy free, & potato free.  We offer a variety of proteins that can be fed exclusively or rotated. In our experience, many skin & allergy issues are often food related as many pet foods are made from highly processed ingredients and fillers such as grains and potatoes, and may contain artificial colors or flavors, carrageenan, chemical preservatives, added sugars, gelatine, & glycerine. As these are not natural ingredients the dog or cat would choose to eat they can often be the underlying cause of the skin and allergy issues.

All Ziwi Peak recipes include a minimum of 3% whole green-lipped mussels. Green lipped mussels contain high levels of natural glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega 3 which may be helpful in improving mobility and reducing joint inflammation in dogs with Arthritis. Green Lipped mussels contain the following nutrients:

- 0.05gm/100gm Glucosamine
- 0.13-0.14gm/100gam Chondroitin Sulphate​
- 1.265gm/100gm Omega 6
- 0.995gm/100gm Omega 3 (Our Mackerel and Lamb recipe contains higher levels of Omega 3 at 2.674gm/100gm)

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