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Frequently Asked Questions:Feeding

Do I need to add supplements when feeding ZIWI® Peak?

ZIWI® Peak foods are complete and balanced for all life stages and all breeds. We do not recommend adding supplements to your pet’s diet unless specifically recommended by your veterinarian.

Are your canned and air dried foods raw?

ZIWI® Peak recipes are handcrafted with high inclusions of meat, organs, bone, and seafood. ZIWI® Peak’s unique twin-stage air-drying process results in highly nutritious, shelf-stable and ready-to-feed product that is as nutritious as a complete raw diet with the convenience of a scoop and serve food. During the canning process of ZIWI® Peak wet recipes, our foods are sealed and heated in order to preserve and stabilize the contents. They are then heated at the minimum temperature and time required to meet the international regulations for human and pet canned foods.

How often should I feed my dog or cat?

We recommend feeding your pet twice daily. We suggest talking with your veterinarian to determine the best feeding schedule for your pet.

Can I feed my cat ZIWI® Peak Daily Dog Recipes?

ZIWI® Peak foods are formulated to meet the unique needs of each species. ZIWI® Peak dog foods do not meet the special nutritional needs of cats; therefore we do not recommend feeding cats our dog recipes.

How do you develop feeding recommendations for your foods?

ZIWI® Peak feeding guidelines are consistent with AAFCO recommendations, which are based on the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements for Dogs and Cats. This is a compilation of scientific research done on dog and cat nutrition and is the reference book used by professionals worldwide. 

Can ZIWI® Peak be fed as a topper or mixed with another food?

For optimum health we recommend you feed 100% ZIWI® Peak. However, if you wish to feed ZIWI® Peak with another food such as raw meat,  kibble, freeze dried, cans or any other food type you can at any ratio you like. ZIWI® Peak can be fed in many different ways as your pet’s sole daily food, as a nutritious topper on your existing food or as a tasty treat.  

Can I rotate different ZIWI® Peak proteins?

There are differing opinions on the topic of rotating proteins. If you decide that it is the best option for your pet, we recommend a gradual transition between proteins, to minimize the potential for digestive upset. Please refer to our transition guide.

Transitioning guide for dogs
Transitioning guide for cats

If my pet has the treats, how much ZIWI® Peak food should it get?

ZIWI® Peak Good Dog Rewards™ are extremely nutritious and are fabulous for training your dog and rewarding good behavior. We recommend you consider all treats your pet is given each day, and adjust the feeding amount accordingly to compensate for the additional calories being consumed. 

Why not just feed raw meat?

Feeding a raw meat diet comes with some challenges, mainly the inconvenience of having to prepare and thaw in preparation for your pets meal and as well as the “yuck” and hygiene and risk factors of handling raw meat. ZIWI® Peak air-dried is a complete and balanced food which provides all required nutrients, eliminating the need for expensive supplements. Additionally, it is over 95% digestible and extremely nutrient-dense, meaning you feed less, and your pet absorbs more of the nutrition. Our twin-stage air-drying process eliminates the risk of pathogenic bacteria, providing a shelf-stable product with the scoop-and-serve convenience of feeding straight from the bag.

ZIWI® Peak’s air-dried daily serving seems small – will my pet be satisfied?

Dogs and cats are satisfied when their nutritional and calorific needs are met. During the transition period, your pet will gradually adapt to the physical sensation of being less full, but you can be assured that they are receiving everything they need for optimal health and vitality. We recommend dividing the daily serving amount into two or three feedings during this time. If you pet appears to be asking for more food, we recommend you resist the urge to overfeed and offer them some extra affection or play time instead. Remember that ZIWI® Peak is extremely nutrient-dense, so less is required to provide the correct amount of calories and nutrients. 

What is the measurement of one scoop?

Our ZIWI® scoop (which is included in all ZIWI® Air-Dried bags) holds approximately 2oz / 56.6g of product. For cats and small dogs weighing less than 5kg, we recommend you weigh the ZIWI® Peak Air-Dried pet food on an accurate scale to minimise risk of under or over-feeding.

How much should I feed my pet?

The best way to determine proper feeding guidelines for your pet is by utilizing our online feeding calculator found here. This tool allows you to enter in the unique characteristics of your pet to determine the proper feeding amount, including weight and life stage.

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ZIWI Peak air dried pet food for dogs and cats close up

Gently air‑dried

Air Dried pet food

A modern take on centuries‑old meat preserving techniques, our Z-TWINTECH® air drying technology locks in the goodness of our raw ingredients, creating ready-serve raw-inspired nutrition.

ZIWI Peak - ethical and sustainable ingredients source from the land and sea of New Zealand

Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients

Our free-range, grass-fed meats and local poultry are ethically raised under New Zealand’s Freedom Principles, while our sustainable seafood comes from the world’s top-ranked fisheries.

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PeakPrey® Recipes

Crafted for peak nutrition, with high inclusions of meat, organs, and seafood in authentic PeakPrey® ratios – with added superfoods for a nutritional boost.

Air-Dried Scoop & Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants
Air-Dried Scoop & Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants