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ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Venison For Dogs 454g
  • ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Venison For Dogs 454g
  • Dog Venison Air-Dried
  • Dog Venison Air-Dried
  • Dog Venison Air-Dried

ZIWI Peak Venison Recipe For Dogs

Available Sizes:
  • 16oz
  • 2.2lb
  • 5.5lb
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ZIWI Peak Venison is novel single protein food, ideal for all breeds and life stages, especially dogs with food sensitivities. Loaded with free-range venison, ethically raised on pastures of lush and native grasses in the remote valleys of New Zealand’s South Island. A naturally delicious choice to ensure your dog keeps up with life’s adventures.


Venison, Venison Tripe, Venison Heart, Venison Lung, Venison Liver, Venison Kidney, New Zealand Green Mussel, Venison Bone, Lecithin, Inulin from Chicory, Dried Kelp, Minerals (Dipotassium Phosphate, Magnesium Sulfate, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Iron Amino Acid Complex, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Selenium Yeast), Salt, Parsley, Preservative (Citric Acid, Mixed Tocopherols), Vitamins (Vitamin E Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Folic Acid).

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein
min. 45%
Crude Fat
min. 23%
Crude Fibre
max. 2%
max. 14%
max. 12%
Taurine (As Received, Typical Analysis)
Chondroitin Sulfate
min. 1300mg/kg
Calorie Content (calculated)
4700 kcal ME/kg | 267 kcal ME /level scoop

ZIWI Peak Venison Recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for All Life Stages including growth of large size dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult).

What's Included:
  • High-quality protein
  • Glucosamine
  • Chrondrotin
  • ​Vitamins A, D & E
  • Omega 3 
  • Omega 6
  • Fatty acids
  • Probiotics​
  • Amino acids
  • Calcium
  • Vitamins & minerals
  • Non grain-based carbohydrates
What's not included:
  • No grains, corn, wheat, rice or soy
  • No rendered meats or meals
  • No meat by-products
  • No cheap filler ingredients
  • No potatoes or sweet potatoes
  • No ethoxyquin
  • No pea protein
  • No glycerines 
  • No artificial flavours or colours
  • No antibiotics
  • No growth promotants
  • No added hormones




Transition your dog:
New Users: Sudden changes in diet, including overfeeding, can sometimes result in digestive issues. Always introduce any new food by slowly mixing with your current diet for the first 6-8 days, increasing the amount of ZIWI Peak while decreasing the amount of the other brand. Click here for our step-by-step transition guide.
Fast fact:

We use no rendered meat, bone or fish meals in any of our recipes. This process strips the nutritional benefits from ingredients

What our customers are saying...

Double Happy on ZiwiPeak
From Elaine Abend

My girls Roxy & Fannie don't eat ZIWI Peak - they 'INHALE' it. Never have I seen them take to any food like they've taken to yours. 

ZiwiPeak - Terrific For Tonto
From Karen and Dallas Ives in USA

Please accept this HUGE thank you to ZIWI Peak for helping save the life of our 13 year old orange tabby cat Tonto!

Tonto was diagnosed with diabetes in June 2012 and the vet immediately started him on insulin but also wanted us to feed him only low-carb wet food in hopes that removing dry food would allow the diabetes could be diet-controlled.

Tonto also has inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) which means he can only eat novel proteins (with venison being his favorite) so this really increased the food challenge. After only 2 weeks on insulin Tonto’s blood sugar stabilized and the vet stopped the medication, but we were having trouble getting our sweet orange boy to eat enough as he wasn’t thrilled with the myriad of low-carb canned food offerings I was able to find and this was a big concern.

Thankfully I was introduced to ZIWI Peak products at Floppy Pets, a wonderful small pet store in Seabrook, TX, and was thrilled to discover that Tonto LOVES your ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Cuisine Venison wet food! Tonto has been eating his favorite ZIWI Peak Venison exclusively for almost 2 months now and his health has improved tremendously – he got a great report from the vet recently, his appetite is so much better and he has much more energy, to the point of jumping up onto the upper kitchen cabinets to explore which is amazing for a 13 year old kitty who had been feeling poorly just a few months ago!

He also likes to nibble on the ZIWI Peak air-dried venison, but the canned venison is his clearly his favorite. Tonto is a wonderful, social, lovable cat who has been a delight since we adopted him as a tiny kitten, and with the help of ZIWI Peak Daily Cat Cuisine we feel like we have our boy back!

Thank you so much for making these quality products – our vet was very impressed with Tonto’s improvement from his ZIWI Peak diet and I’ve extolled the virtues of ZIWI Peak to all our pet-loving friends. 

Another Very Happy Chihuahua
From Donna Marie A. Eads in USA

I just had to write to let you know how much our little Chihuahua, Kaia, LOVES your food. I have honestly never seen her snarf up anything as fast as she does ZIWI Peak. Kaia's coat and teeth look superb, she has tons of energy, no GI issues of any kind, and loves the food so much that we can even use it as treats! It's by far the best dog food I've ever encountered, and surprisingly economical considering the small amount fed. Our two cats are now attempting to steal the food whenever Kaia is distracted, so it sounds as though it might be time to try them out on the feline version. ;) Thank you so much for producing such an exceptional product! We have truly found our 'holy grail' of dog food and do not ever plan to switch. 

I just wanted to say thank you...
From Marla in Korea

I’ve been feeding my animals (dogs and cats) ZIWI Peak for a number of months now and they absolutely love it. I am also involved in animal rescue and feed it to all my rescues. I’ve never met an animal who didn’t want to eat it. It makes me so happy to be able to give them a high quality pet food here in Korea!  Thanks so much! 

110% Happy!
From Angie

We are 110% happy with your product! I have tried many types of premium dog and cat food and I have never seen them gobble their food like they do with ZIWI Peak. I sprinkle it on top of the Black Hawk, and if I ever forget the four of them look at me as if I chopped off their legs. Thank you so much for making an amazing product, I tell all my friends to get it for their pets. 

Thank you for this great nutrition and my dog’s health!
From John H

I have 3 rescue dogs and 2 of them are a large breed. The third is a Jack Russell and ALL of them LOVE ZIWI Peak. This is one of the BEST foods I can give my fur-kids. Thank you for this great nutrition and my dog’s health.  

A Story about Leo from Japan
From Mieko Mori in Japan

We had 2 black Labradors of 15 years and 12 years old, both girls, Leo and Luna. Leo passed away in the morning of Nov.3rd. It was about 17 months of nursing care for me. Leo was filmed for 3 minutes at the Senior Dog Nursing TV program last November.  When I started her nursing care, there was not much work besides the trouble with her legs.  However, after some time of being in bed, her muscle got weak and she also got older.  I had a lot of difficulties with her meals.  If she did not eat, she should have died earlier. I have tried to feed every kinds of food as she was very difficult with food.  After all, she preferred to eat the human food than dog food.  And the nutritional problem showed up immediately. I have asked the advice to Ms.Hagihara at Apple Land in Ashiya and I came up with the ZIWI Peak Air Dry Venison.  She gave me 3 different samples.  I was not confident if Leo eat it but it was the only thing I can do at that time and I knew she would die if she did not eat it.  I thought that she may vomit it out. But she ate it.  I was about to cry with joy.  Every kinds of food I tried did not work.  When I almost gave up feeding, I met the ZIWI Peak. ZIWI Peak saved Leo’s life. Although she was in bed all day, she woofed vigorously saying “ I am hungry” everyday.. When she looked the food stuck in her throat, I changed it to the can food.  Now Luna, her sister also eats can food. Since Labrador is weak in hip joint, supplements only can not fill the nutritional requirements and I believe that the food is helping such condition. I can tell that the ZIWI Peak dog food imported by Red Heart supported Leo’s life till her very last time. Unfortunately she had the osteogenic sarcoma one month before her death.  Without the disease, she should have been still alive. She lived with the Venison can food up to one week before her death.The vet at Iimori Animal Hospital in Ashiya has traveled to my home many times to diagnose Leo and he said “I have never seen the senior dog in bed with such a shiny coat!”  Also the vet at Watanabe Animal Hospital in Suma, Kobe, and the director of Dakutari Animal Hospital in Sakai, Osaka both checked Leo in his very last days and said “What a wonderful coat.  It is shining!”  I think that the good nutrition consumed in her body made it happen. After her death, the TV crew of the Tokudane, Fuji TV called me to ask to film Leo again.  I explained that she died but sent them her video tapes.  I am going to tell them that Leo lived well with the ZIWI Peak dog food, too. Thank you very much for your food. It was a long nursing period but I am sure that Leo should have been still eating the ZIWI Peak if she did not have the cancer. I promised to Leo I am going to tell my dog nursing experience to the owners who are facing the same once a year at the mentioned 3 hospitals and tell Leo lived well to the last time with the ZIWI Peak.  And I decided to donate ZIWI Peak can food to them. I want to tell ZIWI Peak dog food to as many dog owners as possible.  And it finally proved with some other senior dogs that they were willing to eat the ZIWI Peak although they had lost appetite to eat any others. Thank you again for the wonderful food to my dogs. Luna will live long with the ZIWI Peak. 

I trust my dogs opinion on food
From Thomas in USA

The enthusiasm they show when I open the pouch is something they have never done with any food or dog treats. The cost is well worth it if they are healthy and happy. Highly recommend!

Skin problems just disappeared
From Anna Marzec in UK

Since I feed my dog ZIWI Peak his fur is very glossy, soft to the touch, his fur does not fall as much as in the past and itchy skin problems just disappeared. I see that my dog is happy, full of energy and healthy. Thanks ZIWI Peak!

My Cotons de Tulear love this food!
From Justine in USA

I am very impressed with this dog food. I have tried to give my dogs every high quality food brand available but this dry kibble they will even eat as a treat. Thank you for making a superior quality dog food.

Testimonial from Catherine P.
From Catherine P.


Your food was recommended by a homeopathic vet that is treating one of my dogs. He initially recommended the raw diet but my dogs were not that keen on it. He then recommended yours which they seem to love. One of them in particular, Molly, a Tibetan Terrier has had ongoing issues with itchy skin, ear problems and she also had eye discharge. So far your venison air dried food has gone down very well with her. She had become quite thin so I'm relieved I've found something she will actually eat rather than sniff and then walk away. It's a relief not to constantly throw food away and worry about her losing weight. 

I decided to give all three of my dogs your food and they all seem to love it particularly the lamb and mackerel variety.  Skye, the Coton de Tulear, had gone off all food but now is eating very well.  It's also far less messy than home cooked food and raw food so saves me on the washing up.

I hope they continue to enjoy your food as I know it's very good quality and should be good for their health and well-being. Thanks!

Flourishing on ZIWI
From Samantha in Australia

Hi Shelley,

Just letting you know how the fur babies have been going on ziwipeak. It’s been 9 months now and my girl Goldie has been thriving. She was rescued from a horrible puppy farm about 2 years ago at age 3 years old, she has put on about 1kg, her coat has grown so beautiful and long and no more weepy eyes. Pics are before and after, the top one is obviously before. She still has some anxiety issues but gets better all the time. The boy is the same but he didn’t have any issues beforehand. They have the venison and sometimes the mackerel and lamb.

Thanks again for introducing us to the wonderful products.


Coco loves her ZIWI Peak
From Juan B. Seoane

I wanted to personally thank you.

I have three French Bulldogs, one of which has Chronic Gastritis and severe problems absorbing nutrients and digesting food properly. I have been feeding her the ZIWI Peak air-dried Beef and her condition has improved a lot. One of my other Frenchies is severely allergic to all kind of cereals and chicken.

I was in such a desperate state because I tried many brands from all over the world, I also tried consulting many different veterinaries all over my country and ZIWI Peak was the only thing that worked for her. Thus, I will be feeding her ZIWI Peak from now on.

Coco is the one with the digestion and gastric problems who has improved a lot since I started feeding her ZIWI Peak. Bimba is the one with severe allergic problems. Bimba, on top of that, had to go through spinal surgery 2 years ago due to 2 herniated discs; she was paraplegic for several months, until she slowly started recovering after rehab. ZIWI Peak (among other things) will be very good for her joints.

I have already recommended ZIWI Peak to another colleague of mine, who has a large boxer. I really think your food is a whole new level of FOOD!

Mac loves his dinner now!
From Annie Rose

My 16-week old Miniature Groodle, Mac, has been very difficult to feed. He sniffs food and walks away, only coming back to nibble half-heartedly. I wanted him to eat dry food only but ended giving him wet food (chicken, rice, veggies) just to get him to gain weight. Recently I tried ZIWI Peak and he hasn’t looked back. Adores it. I feel so relieved, and very happy watching him gobble up his food.

It’s a great product. Thank you.

Air Dried Scoop and Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants
Air Dried Scoop and Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants