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Dog & Cat Food Testimonials

Dog & Cat Food Testimonials

Testimonial by Lisa Rendell
From Lisa Rendell in New Zealand

Cam, our 14 year old chocolate lab / cross has had a very checkered past, ranging from serious orthopaedic surgery to cancer.
Since swapping to ZIWI® Peak her energy levels have increased, her coat is shinier and joints seem like that of a much younger dog.
She is now one happy canine!

I think Nikko approves!
From Joan Proulx

I believe we will be staying with ZIWI Peak, and I think Nikko approves! Must tell you he didn't come up for air while woofing it down. As I was filling his dish, he was hanging off my leg sniffing the air and have to say the chicken pate smelled really good.

In any case, after he finished I said to him "I take it you liked it?" and that is when he did a little howl like sound with his mouth wide open. He doesn't say much, so I was a bit surprised and then he just sat there looking at me with that sad face, asking for seconds.

I also started using the ZIWI beef weasand chews to train him. So far I have sit, sit pretty (hind legs and front paws up), and paw. I just have to watch my fingers as he is quick to grab his treat and I like that it takes him a few seconds to chew. He willingly sits for the next command as he knows what is coming... another treat.

Best part though is he didn't have any adverse reaction to the change in food as they warn when going from one brand to another. His system seems to have taken it well... no runny stools or sick tummy.

Hermes and Vuitton are happiest on ZIWI® Peak
From Natasha L

I have been feeding ZIWI® Peak air-dried and wet lamb recipes for about two months now.

At first I only put my cat with bowel problems on it, but after more research on my old cat food and seeing the results of ZIWI® Peak I decided to switch over my other cat too. They poop less frequently now and it has significantly less odour than before. My cat with bowel problems still doesn't have perfect firm stool, but he used to scoot his bum over the rug and hasn't done as far as I'm aware since being completely on ZIWI® Peak.

Another thing I've noticed with my other cat is that he barely regurgitates his food anymore. He is a true glutton and would eat too fast, swallowing a lot of air and making the kibble swell in his stomach rapidly, which resulted in him throwing up his old cat food very often. I've only had it happen once since he's been on ZIWI® Peak.

All in all I'm really happy I switched over, and I won't ever give a cat of mine anything else. It just feels good being able to give my cats such high quality food, and I think they appreciate it, as well.

The cats now eat only the air dried lamb recipe, and a little bit of the lamb canned wet food so I can easily give one cat his medicine. They really love the wet food so it's easy to mix in. I had no trouble switching the little wet food they got, they took to ZIWI® Peak immediately.

Mac loves his dinner now!
From Annie Rose

My 16-week old Miniature Groodle, Mac, has been very difficult to feed. He sniffs food and walks away, only coming back to nibble half-heartedly. I wanted him to eat dry food only but ended giving him wet food (chicken, rice, veggies) just to get him to gain weight. Recently I tried ZIWI® Peak and he hasn’t looked back. Adores it. I feel so relieved, and very happy watching him gobble up his food.

It’s a great product. Thank you.

"I love my ZIWI® food!!!" -- Bubu
From Sharon Azar

I just had to tell you how amazing your ZIWI® Peak gently air dried New Zealand beef recipe is for my dog. He loved it so much that when I went near his bowl, he let me know it was HIS food, which is the absolute top rating coming from him! Bubu is a rescue from the streets and I value his opinion!! I am so pleased to have found this food. Me and Bubu have been telling everyone about your food!

Instant results for my cat Aki
From Emma Gregory

I would just like to say thank you very much for creating such an amazing product!!

Three months ago my cat suddenly lost a lot of weight and the vet diagnosed him with IBD. So he was put onto hypoallergenic food (made him vomit) then he was put onto steroids and when that didn't work he was then put onto anallergenic. He lost more weight on the anallergenic and the vet started talking about more medication on top of the steroids. I started looking into raw food but it looked very difficult and I was scared I wouldn't get the right nutrients and so I was talking to my coworker and she recommended ZIWI® Peak.

Amazing!! I am currently feeding him ZIWI® Peak Lamb air-dried recipe and he put weight back on, his meow is back to normal, no vomiting (well once but I think he just ate too fast), his coat is soft and beautiful, and he has stopped begging for food! Even though he only eats a little bit, he gets full much quicker than what he did on the Science Diet and Royal Canin!

Your product is amazing and I recommend it to everyone!

My 3 dogs love ZIWI® Peak - please never change!
From Tina Vo

Thank you so much for top quality pet food you guy have! My three fur babies been fed ZIWI® Peak for over a year now and I can’t tell you how much they love it. Their health and coat have all improved, and I save a lot of time feeding them as well. I feed ZIWI® Peak wet food in the morning and the air-dried in the afternoon. It takes not even 1 minute for them to finish their meal. I know the cost may sound crazy but we get what we pay for in the end. Please keep the quality high as we are really happy with ZIWI. They eat well, sleep well and are healthy; that's the main thing after all. 

How did I not discover ZIWI® sooner?
From CS

Greetings! I MUST take a few moments to send some praise your way! Background first: I am a pet parent to a female Hound of Malta/Red Heeler mix who is 12 years old. Overall healthy, but has lost weight and desire to eat over the winter. I bought her a small batch of your ZIWI® Peak air-dried food at a local store, to feed her as a “treat.” Treat Indeed! She all but ate the container. I was sold, so I went right to the computer and ordered some more.

Her normal dog eating routine consisted of maybe some food in the AM, all the cat food she could steal, and maybe a little more food in the late night. I opened the ZIWI® air-dried food first and put it in a CLEAN bowl. Then took it to her and presented her with a piece of the food. She was watching the whole time. She took the small piece after her nose did a check of the new food, then off to her bed where she held it in her mouth for near a minute, and then ate it. Then trotted back with the dog face that says “Hey, Dad, how about some MORE of that?"

She ate two scoops of it before I could return with a clean bowl of the ZIWI® Peak Beef Canned recipe. She smelled the food on the way, left the dry food and sat before me with the dog face that says “What is that, that smells so grand?” I placed the bowl before her and ZOOM, one half a can of the wet food is gone. At length having enough, she drank some water and is now snoozing on the front porch in the early summer sun.

At last, I have found a food she likes; and better a food that is good for her. Now, of course, I feel like the famous fool and 'heel' for not finding this YEARS ago! You make a fine product! Last note - I have a cat, off somewhere keeping busy. I will try the ZIWI® Peak Cat recipes on this creature when he makes an appearance at my door again. THANK YOU!

Tasty topper!
From Sam

I don't know what it is but whatever you do with the dog food you make, keep doing it. We got Ember about a month ago. She had been raised on a raw diet and we continued with what her breeder had been feeding her but she has been on a food strike for about 2 weeks. I bought a couple of bags of ZIWI® Good Dog Rewards (beef and lamb) and had been sprinkling a small handful over her evening meal. Something about them has made her demolish her food for the past week. Thank you a million times over, definite ZIWI® fans in this house now.

Skippy is in love... with ZIWI® Peak
From Becky

I would just like to say that my dog is absolutely in love with your ZIWI® Peak New Zealand Mackerel & Lamb recipe. He is the pickiest dog and wont touch many treats or food but goes absolutely nuts over this recipe. I have recommended this brand to many other friends who have picky dog eaters and they all seem to have the same result as me! I cant wait to get another bag for my old little 13 turning 14 years old pup.

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