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Coco loves her ZIWI Peak
From Juan B. Seoane
Coco loves her ZIWI Peak

I wanted to personally thank you.

I have three French Bulldogs, one of which has Chronic Gastritis and severe problems absorbing nutrients and digesting food properly. I have been feeding her the ZIWI Peak air-dried Beef and her condition has improved a lot. One of my other Frenchies is severely allergic to all kind of cereals and chicken.

I was in such a desperate state because I tried many brands from all over the world, I also tried consulting many different veterinaries all over my country and Ziwi Peak was the only thing that worked for her. Thus, I will be feeding her ZIWI Peak from now on.

Coco is the one with the digestion and gastric problems who has improved a lot since I started feeding her ZIWI Peak. Bimba is the one with severe allergic problems. Bimba, on top of that, had to go through spinal surgery 2 years ago due to 2 herniated discs; she was paraplegic for several months, until she slowly started recovering after rehab. ZIWI Peak (among other things) will be very good for her joints.

I have already recommended ZIWI Peak to another colleague of mine, who has a large boxer. I really think your food is a whole new level of FOOD!

IBS/IBD cat happy on Ziwi Peak
From David Wendy Pwinkle
IBS/IBD cat happy on Ziwi Peak

Ziwi Peak is one the best pet foods. I know so many cats who had serious health issues and since feeding Ziwi Peak they doing great now.
I discovered Ziwi on a ragdoll cat Facebook page and a lot USA pet owners who had sick cats are now healthy thanks to Ziwi. We adopted a cat with irritable bowel disease (IBD) in Australia and I was so happy to learn about this great product from New Zealand. We purchased it for our cats and even our IBD girl Paw Paw is doing great now! Before we discovered Ziwi we nearly lost her because she was so sick, now thanks to Ziwi our cats doing great. Thank you Ziwi for your 5 star products with no artificial additives or ingredients, our cats love them! Paw Paw our IBD girl says thank you.

Senior cat with renal failure thriving on Ziwi Peak
From Pam
Senior cat with renal failure thriving on Ziwi Peak

This 14 year old dear is in renal failure. I messaged Ziwi to see if she can have any of their food, as my two Norwegians are on it. They messaged a very detailed description of what flavours she can have. Since she has being on Ziwi Peak she looks so much healthier you can see it in her eyes and fur has got a gloss back on. She loves the food as well.

Leo's tearstaining has disappeared!
From Kristine Tuazon
Leo's tearstaining has disappeared!

Leo, our pure breed NZ-born Japanese Spitz, previously had bad tear staining. After eating Ziwi Peak Air-Dried food for around 3 months now, we have recently noticed that his tear stains have significantly reduced! 

Thank you for making awesome products!

Haze, my 4 year-old cat, loves Ziwi
From Nadia V
Haze, my 4 year-old cat, loves Ziwi

I recently acquired Haze (4-year-old cat), who has been handed over with Whiskers cat food which she is turning her nose up to. I wanted to try and find the best quality food that she'll love, and was sent some samples from Ziwi. 
Haze absolutely loves the Ziwi Peak Mackerel and Lamb moist food, and I will be trying her on the Venison moist food shortly too. Thanks again!

Womble is happier than ever
From A Bradley
Womble is happier than ever

We have just changed our cat Womble, to your wet food and the change in him has been outstanding. He is 14 years of age and has become very sensitive to the ridiculous thickeners that are used in most cat foods, even those claiming to be "natural" and at one point became very ill. I am therefore, very cautious to give him anything new, but the change in his fur, energy levels, general well-being and sense of humour have been so fantastically positive, that I wanted to say a huge thank you!

I only wish that we could have fed him your products from when he first adopted us, because his fur has never been so silky and for a 14 year old cat, it's amazing to see! Thank you for being the first honest pet food company I have come across.

Best wishes and please don't stop this fantastic product, A Bradley

Nourishment beyond expectations!
From Rob Azmy
Nourishment beyond expectations!

I just wanted to take the time out of my day to thank you for being the greatest dog food company out there. My female dog gave birth to a litter of 9 pups just over a month ago. However, due to the strenuous process of breastfeeding she started to look malnourished and depleted. I tried various dog foods and brands until I started to cry out for help at Pet O, one of your retailers. They automatically referred me onto your product (Tripe and Lamb Air-Dried). It’s only been 3 days and my dog has already started showing signs of nourishment once again. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will definitely be recommending you guys to all my dog breeder friends.

Gigi's diabetes is under control, finally!
From Christine
Gigi's diabetes is under control, finally!

It is nearly 2 years since Gigi was diagnosed with Diabetes in Spring 2016.

Initially we were recommended to feed raw beef - 25 g per meal, and 80g per day of Hills Science Prescription Diet M/D biscuits for Diabetes and Weight Control. We hoped that Gigi’s diabetes would go into remission with the diet, but unfortunately it became worse, and the insulin doses had to be regularly increased. After 6 months the vet did another blood test, and discovered that Gigi has Acromegaly, which is a benign tumour on the pituitary gland, which excretes excessive growth hormone, meaning that the diabetes wouldn't go into remission. The insulin doses were increased up to 23 units morning and night, with monthly blood glucose checks at the vet.

Recently Gigi suffered a hypo attack, and had to be rushed to the Animal Emergency Hospital where she stayed for 4 days, and we nearly lost her. Thankfully they recommended a Cat Specialist Clinic in Prahran, who taught us how to test the blood glucose at home, so we were better able to monitor the blood glucose. The new vet also reduced the insulin dosage after the hypo, but Gigi’s blood glucose remained high, between an average of 14 - 20.

Reading the ingredient list on the Hills Science Diet worried us, with the high amount of grains, especially corn, and internet research made us realise that grains are the last thing a diabetic cat needs, as obligate carnivores, cats need meat not grains. We discovered Ziwi at the local Petbarn, and we were excited to read your ingredient list, and even more importantly, what your food doesn’t contain.

At last, true health food for cats - especially diabetic cats !

We immediately stopped the Hills biscuits and tried Ziwi instead. We started with the Air Dried Beef & Venison as a Hills biscuit substitute, and then introduced the Canned Beef & Venison as well.​ Gigi absolutely loves both the dried and canned, so no problem encouraging her to try a new diet! Most exciting of all, we immediately saw a reduction of her blood glucose, so apart from a higher reading when we had to take her to the vets for an ultrasound, her BG now averages from 5.4 to 10, almost half, which is absolutely wonderful, and something we hoped for, but never expected!

Gigi is now sleeping better during the day, and is more relaxed, bright and cheerful. She isn’t constantly pestering for food, as she was when eating the Hills Science Diet, which just made her more and more aggressively hungry.​ Gigi is more satisfied and content with Ziwi.

Our new vet is very pleased with Gigi’s improvement and progress, and approves of the change from Hills Science Diet to Ziwi.

My poodles Bruno & Alfie
From Bev Hyde
My poodles Bruno & Alfie

Meet our standard poodles, Bruno aged 5 years and 10 month old Alfie. As you can see Bruno is a Canine Friend therapy dog and we would love Alfie to join the ranks when he is older.

Bruno was always a very fussy eater and we struggled to find the right food that he would consistently eat. Sometimes he wouldn’t eat for a couple of days rather than eat what was in his bowl.

Then about 2 years ago we discovered Ziwi Peak and we have never looked back. Bruno now looks forward to and constantly eats his dinners. He keeps excellent health and still has endless energy levels.

When we brought Alfie home as a pup we introduced him to Ziwi Peak. He loves his meals and has thrived during his puppy-hood.

We love being able to offer Bruno and Alfie the different Ziwi Peak recipes. The lamb and tripe would be their favourite but they are both loving the new chicken meal.

Thank you Ziwi Peak,

Bev - New Zealand

Ziwi is perfect for my fussy dog
From Ruth
Ziwi is perfect for my fussy dog

Boo is one of Ziwi Peak's fans. I bought her here from the UK 8 1/2 years ago and have struggled to find food for her that she will eat and keep weight on her. She is so fussy with food, she would rather starve than eat something she doesn't like. She has been on the Tripe & Lamb air-dried for over 8 months now and fed her raw tripe with it, however, after trying some of your canned food, Boo now will only eat the cans and the air-dried, she won't touch the tripe! So now, I'm feeding her the cans and air-dried and she looks amazing and has gained weight and keeping the weight on, I am so pleased with it, although I spend more on her food that I do for me! LOL. She also loves the chicken cans too, and will try her on the chicken air-dried as well when this bag runs out.

- Ruth, New Zealand

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