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NEW Chicken Recipe

Introducing our new free-range chicken recipe

Ziwi is proud to present our new free-range chicken recipes for dogs and cats. Please click on the video link below to learn more about what makes this new range uniquely Ziwi. With chicken being the favourite petfood flavour globally, Ziwi has wanted to create a chicken range for many years. However we wouldn’t do it until we could source chickens that were 100% free-range and from ethical and audited New Zealand suppliers. With the steady rise in local free-range production, this has now become possible. Like all of our air-dried recipes; Ziwi free-range chicken does not use glycerin, yield enhancers, fillers, or sweeteners. 

Our New Free-Range Chicken Recipe | Ziwi

Why choose Ziwi free-range chicken recipes?

  • Our air-dried products contain over 96% meat, organs, bone, and green-lipped mussels, sourced from accredited New Zealand free-range farms.
  • The gentle air-drying process then naturally preserves the nutritional profile of the ingredients. 
  • Our free-range chickens are never force-fed or raised in barns. Instead they are free to forage outside at will, resulting in higher quality and better tasting meat. All farms are independently audited and certified as humane and free range, and our chickens are ethically raised without added hormones or growth promotants.
  • Chicken is also a great choice for cats and dogs who are sensitive to red meats. 

See the range below.

100% Sourced From New Zealand Ethical Farming
Air-Dried For Superior Nutrition
Free Range, Grass Fed Farming
No Grains, Sugars or Glycerins
No Antibiotics Or Growth Promotants