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Blog post: Lady Gaga buys Ziwi Peak in Dubai!

Blog post: Lady Gaga buys Ziwi Peak in Dubai! - primary image

Hot off the paw press! We are very excited to hear that Lady Gaga has been feeding Ziwi Peak to her gorgeous French bulldog, Asia!

Ahead of her arrival to Dubai on a tour stop of her show ArtRave: The ArtPop Ball world tour, Lady Gaga specifically requested that Asia has some Ziwi Peak food waiting for her at her on the Palm Jumeirah.

The man came away with a 5kg bag of Venison air-dried cuisine, 9 Lamb, and 9 Venison 370g moist cuisine cans. Enough to feed Asia for an entire month!

We have spoken personally to the general manager of Dubai Pet Food, who says “He had been given a list of items to collect ready for Gaga’s arrival. Including items for her dog, one of which being Ziwi Peak food”.

Celebs love Ziwi Peak! Lady Gaga is not the first  A-lister to join the growing tide of people who are demanding only natural pet food be given to their four-legged friends. E channels Fashion Police star and trendsetter Kelly Osborne was spotted carrying a 5kg bag of Ziwi Peak Daily-Dog Lamb air-dried cuisine. Good to know she not only has amazing fashion sense but also has great taste in pet food (no pun intended!).

   Kelly Osborne Ziwi Peak

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