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Blog post: Cody's weight loss

Blog post: Cody's weight loss - primary image

Doug Rennhack, a current Ziwi Peak customer, sent in an incredible story about his dog Cody and how Ziwi Peak has helped in Cody's life. Here is what he said:

I wanted to share the amazing results Ziwi Peak air dried dog food has had on my 4-year-old yellow lab (Cody). As of June 2016 his weight is 101.2 lbs he has lost a total of 20.1 lbs. in less than a year with only 11.9 lbs to go. Looking back the struggle in fighting Cody's obesity, it was an eye opening experience. When I checked with my local vet, he suggested feeding a low calorie dry food. I noticed the carbs were extremely high, and had a low meat content. I thought to myself how could feeding low quality ingredients, and limited meat, make up a healthy diet, or fight obesity? I decided against taking the vet's advise to look for a better option. Researching dog food lead me through a maze of what seemed like an endless supply of pet foods choices. I finally decided on Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Beef. Thank you again for all your help, Cheers, Doug Rennhack

If you have a story about how Ziwi Peak has helped your pet in anyway, we would love to hear it along with any pictures you may have. Please feel free to comment below with your story.

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