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Pet emergency kit checklist

Whether it’s an earthquake, fire, family emergency, or national emergency, our pets depend on us to be prepared and have a plan to keep us, and them safe. Having a pet emergency preparedness bag and plan in place for you and your pet will give you peace of mind.  

As well as having enough food for the evacuation or lockdown period, here is our checklist of essentials you should have available to get your pet through any emergency. 


Having two bowls – one for food, and one for water makes keeping your pet well fed and hydrated easier. Consider camping or travel bowls – they are usually lightweight, and some are collapsible, making transporting and packing the bowls very convenient! 


In situations that may require you to stay at home or leave for another location can make it difficult to gather any food or supplies, having at least two weeks of food will provide a little bit of time to figure out how you can get more food without worrying that your pet will go hungry.  

If you are feeding raw or dehydrated food, ZIWI® Peak is a great alternative. With no need to refrigerate, thaw, or rehydrate, ZIWI® Peak air-dried food has a 21-month shelf life naturally – thanks to the slow, gentle air-drying process. The high meat recipes are pure and simple and made for carnivores. Inspired by the whole-prey diet, each ZIWI® Peak recipe features high inclusions of meat, organs, bone and seafood – without unnecessary carbohydrates such as grain, potato, and starches. 


No doubt you’ll have a water supply for yourself, so make sure you have enough water to go around!  


It’s a good idea to take pictures of your pet’s medicines, supplements, vaccination records, and microchip information so that you can have the information on hand should you need to present it or find alternative sources when your usual suppliers are closed. Ensure flea and tick control is up to date, and that you have a toothbrush handy for when you can’t get nature’s toothbrush (bones). 


Putting items like leashes, harnesses, clicker, poop bags, booties, and training treats (like ZIWI® Good Dog Rewards) away in a carry bag after using each time will ensure the items are easily accessible in an emergency.  


Set up a travel crate in the trunk or backseat of your car if possible. Not only is it a safe space for your pet to be during transit, but by putting one of their toys in it with some comfortable warm bedding, pets can feel safe and comfortable during a stressful time.  


Just like pet guardians, our pets need mental stimulation to stay calm and relaxed. Having a range of toys and puzzles will help to keep pets busy and focused in a time of chaos and distraction. From simple scent detection games (hide and seek with treats) to more complex trick training or agility, there’s a wide range of games and tasks to satisfy any furry companion. Bonus – it keeps you busy too! 

With no guarantee of when or where the next emergency will strike, it’s a good idea to be always prepared so when the time comes to move, you can keep calm and feel confident in your preparations! 

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