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Creating a safe space for your pet

Isn’t it nice to come back from a long day of work or school and then relax in your bedroom or any space in your home that feels like it was made just for you?Just like us, our pets prefer to have a designated safe space to call their own when they want to relax. Sometimes it may be the top of the refrigerator and sometimes it might be the middle shelf in your closet! However, if you are looking to create a comfortable space for your pet to enjoy, here are some fun tips and suggestions to help you in that process!


Our pets are typically social animals, so it’s no secret that on most occasions they will want to be around us.But pets can also desire time to themselves as well. When selecting a location for your pet’s safe space, try to pick an area that is with less foot traffic that can provide your pet with an area to relax.


With older pets not much extra effort may be required besides keeping the area clean, but with younger, more active and rowdy pets, you will want to take some extra steps to dog-proof their safe space

  1. REMOVE HAZARDOUS CLEANING MATERIALS- Make sure any cleaning supplies or hazardous chemicals and materials are stored away properly where your pet cannot.
  2. TAKE CARE OF ELECTRICAL CORDS- Curious and anxious pets will often explore or chew on items with their mouth. Make sure to tape down or hide any loose electrical cords that your furry friend might want to investigate.
  3. SECURE TRASH BINS – Either removing trash receptacles from your pet’s safe space or replace them with dog-proof models that can be locked or secured.
  4. REMOVE PERSONAL ITEMS - Make sure any shoes, clothing, kids’ toys, or other items you wouldn’t want your pet to get into(or put in their mouth) when you’re not around.


Dogs and cats both spend more than 50% of their day sleeping, so a comfortable place to lay is important. If your pets are allowed on the furniture, then the couch may be their ideal location. But if you are creating a safe space, a comfortable crate with a dog bed can make your pet feel secure. If your pet has destructive tendencies, soft blankets for burrowing provide a great option. Throwing in a t-shirt or article of clothing with your scent can also give your pet added comfort and familiarity.


No safe space is complete without providing your pet with activities to keep them busy. Stuffed toys, chew toys, puzzles and activity toys provide a great addition to any pet’s safe space.Treat puzzles are a great way to reward a pet while giving them incentive during mental stimulation.


There is no limit to the amount of creativity you can put into your pet’s safe space. Whether it is getting creative with your location, the amenities, or decorations, the possibilities are endless. If you are looking for inspiration, there are tons of blogs and articles to help spark your creativity in designing your pet’s safe space.

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