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The Ziwi Difference - primary image

The Ziwi Difference

Pet owners everywhere have gotten on the raw food train. Why wouldn't they? Raw food is often touted as the most nutrient-dense, digestible type of pet food and while this all sounds great in theory, there is one major drawback. Raw food goes bad...quickly! Not to mention, its premium price tag which is not economical when you have a large or multiple dogs. Kibble, while less expensive, is filled with harmful preservatives and void of nutrients; not exactly a stellar option for a concerned pet parent. So what do we do?

Luckily, there is a solution in Ziwi. Based in New Zealand, Ziwi uses over 95% fresh meat, organs, bone, and seafood and are void of low-cost fillers such as grains, corn, potatoes, wheat, and rice. What's more, you won't find any harmful, artificial preservatives in these products. Ziwi uses air-drying, a technique that has been used for hundreds of years, to preserve their food. With this process, they're able to get rid of bacteria such as e.coli, salmonella and listeria, while keeping the nutrition intact.

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100% Sourced From New Zealand Ethical Farming
Air-Dried For Superior Nutrition
Free Range, Grass Fed Farming
No Grains, Sugars or Glycerins
No Antibiotics Or Growth Promotants