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2/9/2018 - Who is the New Zealand MPI?

New Zealand is world-renowned for its sustainable and ethical farming and fishing practices, as well as for producing some of the world's finest food products. Protecting our international reputation is the business of the New Zealand government’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

The MPI plays a critical role in New Zealand’s biosecurity - the protection of our economy, environment, people and animals from harmful pests and diseases. The MPI enforces strict measures to prevent new pests and diseases from entering our country and to eradicate or control those already present.

As an isolated island nation with extremely strict biosecurity measures, New Zealand is recognized as being free of a specific group of serious livestock diseases called TSEs. The animal diseases in this group are scrapie in sheep, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE/mad cow disease), and chronic wasting disease of deer (CWD). The MPI has robust procedures in place to prevent these disease vectors from being carried into New Zealand by travelers or through imported goods.

The MPI exercises regulatory oversight of New Zealand’s agriculture and fishing industries to ensure the quality of our food products and to protect animal welfare. They also enforce measures to make sure that our natural resources are being managed wisely and used sustainably, so the bounty and beauty of our nation will be preserved for future generations.

Since our farming and fishing sectors provide a ready source of high-quality products to pet food manufacturers, the MPI plays a critical role ensuring pet foods manufactured here are safe and comply with the regulatory requirements of importing countries.

For more information on New Zealand’s Industry of Primary Industries, please visit their website:  https://www.mpi.govt.nz/

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