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5/28/2018 - By Ziwi

Do you stand in the pet shop reading the ingredients list on your cat or dog’s pet food? It’s okay if you don’t, in fact, most people don’t. If you did, you’d notice the list of ingredients is probably so long and complex that you need to take a dictionary to understand what your cat or dog is eating.

What is a limited ingredient diet?

Here at Ziwi, we believe the ingredient list should be short, simple and contain recognisable ingredients. This focus has driven our mission to replicate the whole prey diet through our recipes and consider all of our air-dried and canned recipes to be developed with only the essentials needed for a complete and balanced diet. We invite you to compare our ingredient list to any other brand. You’ll notice a real difference and we’re sure your pet will too.

Less is more

Ziwi has followed the less is more sentiment since day one, and as a result, all of our recipes contain no less than 92% real meat, organs, bone, and NZ green lipped mussels. The specially formulated limited ingredient recipes are made with quality cuts of meat from New Zealand grass-fed, free-range animals that are not raised with growth promotants or hormones.

The remaining percentage will not drive you to the dictionary either! Minerals, vitamins, dried kelp, and parsley, among other ingredients, are all that make up the final percentage of our recipes, and we’re proud of it!

Benefits of a limited ingredient diet

For a cat or dog with allergies, a limited ingredient diet helps to determine and eliminate reactions from common pet food ingredients such as corn, wheat, soy, and some animal proteins. Starting with a low-risk allergy ingredient like venison and slowly introducing other proteins can quickly determine where the allergy resides, and as a result, can be eliminated from your pet’s diet completely.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved digestion due to no difficult-to-digest carbohydrates and fillers
  • Reduced bowel irregularities and digestive upset
  • Lower fat, higher protein diet compared to kibble as main feed
  • Overall better health and wellbeing



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