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With temperatures rising during the summer months, your dog could be affected by the increasing heat! We’ve collated our top tips to help keep your dog cool this summer!

  1. Freeze ice cubes and add to the water bowl
    This simple trick costs nothing and can significantly help to cool your dog quickly without anything more than you would have in your own home. You could also freeze a solid block and let your pup lick his way through it!
  2. Chill their feeding toy
    Spoon ZIWI® canned food into your dog’s feeding toy and put in the freezer a few hours before feeding time. It’ll give your dog mental stimulation as well as cooling them down during feeding. Nutrients plus fun in one! Ensure the toy is cleaned thoroughly to remain hygienic and safe for your dog.
  3. Spread ZIWI® canned food on a bone
    Bring a bone back to life! Rinse the bone then spread their ZIWI® canned food across one side. Chill in the freezer to provide an enjoyable treat during the hottest hours of the day. Ensure the bone is enjoyed shortly after removing from the freezer to protect the hygienic integrity.
  4. Provide access to a wading pool
    Most dogs will love to lie in the shade in their favourite wading pool. Fill the pool overnight to let it chill in the evening air, then watch as your dog enjoys the cool water from morning to night. Be careful to choose a wading pool that your dog can lie in with its head out of the water.
  5. Switch ZIWI® air-dried to ZIWI® canned, or introduce a mix
    Add some chilled ZIWI® canned food as a topper or temporary replacement complete diet during the hottest months to cool down your dog at meal time! ZIWI® canned food also provides an extra source of hydration.
  6. Create a breeze
    A breeze can make summer heat much more tolerable and simply placing a window or shop fan on the patio will create a great breeze for your dog. You might want one for yourself as well!
  7. Try some mist
    Consider using a mist creating attachment for a garden hose that attaches and sprays a very fine (and cooling) mist of water in an area as small as a few square feet and as large as a patio.


Offer plenty of water and shade
Don't leave your pooch alone outside for long. And when he is there, make sure he has shade and lots of fresh, cool water.

Never leave your pet in a hot car.

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