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Managing IBD in cats and dogs

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is inflammation of the stomach or intestines, caused by a specific reaction to chronic irritation. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) diarrhoea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, depression, dull coat hair, and abdominal pain in your cat or dog.

Causes of IBD

While there is no single cause known for IBD, hypersensitivity to bacteria and additives, such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives often play a major role. Food allergens including meat proteins, additives, artificial colours and preservatives, milk proteins, and gluten may also result in irritations to the digestive tract, while some dogs and cats are genetically predisposed to developing IBD.

Many pet food brands include non-meat ingredients such as grains, cereals, rice, potatoes, corn, maize, carrots and sweet potato in their products, which can cause sensitivities and indigestion in some cats and dogs. Regularly consuming pet foods with these ingredients can cause inflammation of the stomach and intestines, resulting in IBD.

Management of IBD

Managing IBD is a sensitive task so we recommend always consulting with your primary veterinary practice before starting any medication or changing your pet’s diet.

ZIWI, A Healthy Feeding Alternative

ZIWI believes in feeding as close to a raw diet as possible, one that is highly digestible with high meat content, and no additives, artificial colors or preservatives, or grains.

ZIWI® air-dried recipes contain a minimum of 96%, and our canned recipes contain a minimum of 91% meat, organs, bone, and seafood. Our air-dried recipes have a digestibility rating of over 95% so your cat or dog is able to easily digest the food and extract the necessary nutrients and energy needed, and it provides all the right ingredients to match your cat or dog’s nutritional requirements.

Remember to follow our transitioning guide to reduce the risk of digestive upsets for your cat or dog.

Pet Parent Testimonials

“My kitty has IBD and this is the cleanest cat food I can find.  She's allergic to most commercial cat foods, but she loves this and it stays down.” – Ginny, Michigan

“OMG, I have discovered the ULTIMATE dog food!!! I have a Shih Tzu and a Maltese / Shih Tzu. My dogs didn't like dry food at all and sometimes were off of their food for a few days, I couldn't understand why? Well, I've never had my dogs lining up for their dinner ever before, now they are hanging around my legs as I prepare their dinner, wow they love it! All of a sudden the penny has dropped for me, I realized they probably could not digest grains very well and had upset tummies more than not! Thank you guys from my Marley & Zoe, I will not be buying anything else from now on.” – Wendy, Australia

“Our kitty Z was diagnosed with IBD last year. During a rather serious bout, he lost a considerable amount of weight. Having just lost his littermate, we were incredibly concerned about his health. He wasn't a fan of the food our vet had prescribed so we were on the search for a new one. My husband came upon ZIWI® and suggested we give it a go. I must admit, I was hesitant due to the cost, but after Z had an allergic reaction to his regular food, we decided to give ZIWI® a try. It's only been a couple of weeks, but Z has gained weight, his energy levels have increased, and he cleans his bowl every single time. Due to his allergies, we feed him the Venison. Our new kitten T also loves the food. With the previous food we were using, T would snub it and wait for us to cave and give him kibble. Not so with ZIWI. T enjoys it more than the dry food we feed them.” – Christa, Canada


Ziwi air dried pet food for dogs and cats
Slow and gently air‑dried
Air Dried pet food
Inspired by the centuries‑old technique of naturally preserving meats, our slow and gentle air‑drying technology crafts ready to serve raw-inspired foods with nature’s goodness locked in.
Designed to deliver peak nutrition, our recipes feature 96% meat, seafood, organs and bone in authentic inclusions and whole-prey ratios to mirror the natural diet.
Ethical and Sustainable
From grass-fed meats, free-range poultry to sustainable seafood, 100% of our meats are ethically sourced from New Zealand under strict government regulatory standards.
Air-Dried Scoop & Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants
Air-Dried Scoop & Serve
Free-Range Farming
Ziwi Peak pet food with no grains
No Grains Sugars or Glycerins Added
Raised Without Added Hormones or Growth Promotants